VA Long Beach Healthcare System – Supervisor, General Engineer, GS-14

VA Long Beach Healthcare System, Long Beach, CA is hiring for a Supervisory, General Engineer, GS-14.  The incumbent serves as the Chief of Engineering Service at VA Long Beach Healthcare System, Long Beach, CA, and provides oversight for all facility level activities related to construction (major, minor and nonrecurring maintenance) and capital planning to include budget approval, funding allocation, and activation.  The Chief of Engineering oversees project design programs for the medical center and Community Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOCs) by reviewing, evaluating, and coordinating planning data such as projected space requirements and strategic, operational, program, and design requirements.  The incumbent ensures values driven engineering theories and principles are implemented, to assure the most economical methods of construction or construction materials are utilized, and to achieve cost efficiency for the Federal government.

Recruitment/Relocation Incentives may be authorize to highly qualified candidate.  Please apply on the following website:

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