Irrigation Specialist

Aliso Viejo Community Association (AVCA) is seeking personnel for an Irrigation Manager position.  Some, but not all, of the position’s duties are listed below:

  • Operation and management of the RainMaster Evolution DX2 computerized central irrigation system including determination of data and scheduling adjustments as well as coordination and supervision of equipment repairs and adjustment.
  • Operation and management of RainMaster software for computerized irrigation system.
  • Develop and maintain irrigation and landscape data base for use in centralized irrigation scheduling.
  • Provide direction to and coordination with contractors and vendors to facilitate all irrigation repairs, adjustments, equipment installations and maintenance of equipment.
  • Attend quarterly park irrigation operation and coverage tests, as well as master valve and flow sensor tests with contract irrigators in order to ensure the proper operation and effectiveness of system.
  • Perform irrigation operation and coverage tests as needed with contract irrigators in order to ensure proper operation and effectiveness of all AVCA maintained systems.
  • Assist in the acceptance by AVCA of new projects and landscape areas from developers, attending walkthroughs and irrigation coverage tests to identify compliance with plans and performance of installed irrigation and equipment.
    Coordinate the incorporation of new irrigation systems to the RainMaster Central Control System, working with consultants to obtain and input pertinent data and configure system to program and operate central in a Standard, Advanced Irrigation Management (IAM) or AIM and Advanced Et mode.
  • Provide direction and coordination to contractors in the conversion of outdated irrigation equipment to the RainMaster DX2.
  • Provide direction and coordination in the use of reclaimed water for irrigation purposes including interaction with water district personnel concerning regular inspections, use violations and conversions of irrigation systems to reclaimed water.
  • Works with Landscape contractor to assure that best management practices for water shed requirements are met.
  • Assist with ongoing construction coordination issues with regard to the operation of AVCA’s irrigation system.
  • Provide monthly written reports regarding AVCA’s landscape and irrigation program.
  • Other duties as assigned.

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